XB3 Global NB/Cat-M not connecting or showing RSSI


I have around 30 Xbee modules that use the same micropython program to run remote monitoring applications. In the latest batch, I have around 5-6 that are not connecting to the network at all. Usually even with the wrong APN or no sim card, the orange RSSI light is ON and I am able to see signal strength out of the box, but these are not doing it and not even attempting to connect. I have restored everything to defaults and wiped the memory with no success. Should I be contacting the supplier for RMA on all of these or is there any solution I am not seeing?

Thanks as always!

I would suggest reaching out to Digi Support by going to https://my.digi.com/ Logging in and submitting a case. Make sure to include the full part number, firmware versions and any Error codes you are observing such as AI and CI values.