The RSSI Leds

I was trying to send the command from my MCU to my xbee.
I send 1000 commands to my xbee at the same time.
Now what’s going on is…I can not reset my xbee.
I use the dev board XBIB-R-DEV and now the RSSI Leds just keep blinking. All 3 B-01d RSSI Leds are blinking now. I tried to re-plug in the power,the I/o & Power Leds dont blink, then the green Led(RSSI LEDs) doesnt blink at few seconds, and then the first one blinks, then the second one…then all three green LEDs blink. How can I fix that? I ever tried to connect this guy to X-CTU, but it shows unable to connect…

I pressed the reset button on the board but it still not works.

Does anyone can help me to deal with this problem?

How can I reset the the dev board?


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If by some chance, the firmware has become corrupted, the most significant thing you can do to your module in the field is to reflash firmware on the module to restore it to defaults. To reflash firmware follow this process:

Connect the radio to the interface board attached to the PC and bring up the X-CTU.

In the PC Settings tab, selec the COM port your radio is connected to.

Select 9600 baud, flow control none, Data bits 8, parity none, stop bits 1.

In the Modem Configuration tab, select your modem type from the Modem drop-down menu.

Select the proper function set from the Functions Set drop down.

Select an appropriate version of firmware from the Version drop-down.

Check the Always Update Firmware box.

Click the Write parameters button.

The firmware should begin to flash into your module.

If this process does not work, the module will need to be returned to distribution or to Digi for an RMA. You may request the RMA from the channel from which you purchased your radio initially.


Thanks for the reply. I finally decided return this module back to Digi company. I tried to fix that and it took me 4 hours…

Ha…anyway, thanks a lot.

Hi ckjboy2003,

I got same problem like yours. After sending some command from my MCU to XBEE, the RSSI led are blinking like yours. What did digi do to your module? What did their answer about this problem? Thx