XBee Series 2 No Longer Communicating


The past couple of days my XBee has not been able to communicate to my other device. I only got it to communicate once so far since it started doing this, and that was when I kept my other device on for a couple of minutes and then turned on the other XBee… but I think I just had good luck that time.

What has been happening is that the XBee will get powered, flicker the TX and RX leds, and then wait and light up the RSSI led, but then after the RSSI led turns off it just sits there not doing anything. Before it would start right up and work like just as expected. I check the setup of the XBee and nothing changed.

Any and all ideas are very much appreciated.

I’d say try writing one of the “AT” type firmwares on it, and see if you can recover it. Firmware is written at factory default, so it might just help you get out of whatever “state” these modules are currently in.