Unable to Communicate with Modem

I’m very new to this and am having trouble setting up an XBee Series 2. I’m using X-CTU, and when I use the Test/Query button, it returns ‘Unable to communicate with modem’. I can’t get any response in the Terminal tab. Clicking ‘Read’ in the Modem Configuration tab brings up an info window saying ‘unable to communicate with modem’ and that I should reset the XBee, but resetting does nothing. Clicking restore does the same thing. If I enable API and click Test. Query, I get ‘Communication with modem…OK, Modem type=Name unknown (ID=…), Modem firmware version =…’ I am using 9600 baud rate and have tried all the others. I don’t know what firmware was last written the XBee, as I may have done anything while trying to learn this. What steps can I take to try to get this thing communicating? Thanks for any help you can provide.

This sort of thing has come up before, and you might want to try having a look in the 802.15.4 forum. There’s a recent thread “XBee Series 1 Firmware Update” where you’ll find a few ideas. There’s also a reference to an earlier thread with other ideas in it. I’m basing this suggestion on the belief that in this respect the series 1 and series 2 can be considered similar.

Let us know whether any of that works for you. Good luck!

If the ideas don’t work, it’s time to contact the good folks at Digi support. And if that reveals a new solution, let us know so that we can add it to the list of things to try.

Thank you for your response. I tried the solutions in the thread you mentioned and the earlier thread linked from it. Unfortunately I didn’t have any success. I will take your advice and contact Digi support. If there are any additional suggestions I would like to hear those too. Thanks again for the help.

Ok, I’m sorry the ideas didn’t work.

I’m attaching a plain text file with my own summary of what’s been posted in the forums so far. In theory this file will only duplicate the postings you’ve tried, but this is a kind-of last gasp attempt to help.

The attached file is a markup file, so for instance after you see “.begin bullets” you read a line beginning with “.item” as introducing a new bullet point. The markup lets me generate the output in a variety of formats.

The file is part of an XBee FAQ list that I’ve been working on. It hasn’t seen the light of day yet, but I like to think that it will at some point.

Meanwhile, that probably gives you a better idea of why I’m so interested in learning the solution you eventually find.


This message has the file attached…

Thank you for taking the time to post your suggestions. I received a response from Digi support this morning. Following their directions resolved my issue. Here is a copy of what they sent me:

you should look at the bottom of the RF module and see which model you have. Then in X-CTU select the correct modem model and click show defaults. it sounds like your RF radio is configured for API mode. You may want to select the correct modem type and load one of the other firmwares like the router AT so you can use the terminal program to test the device. You shuld click on Download new versions so you have the latest firmware version for you RF modem, and also make sure you have always update firmware checked.

Best Regards,
Digi Support Wizards


I’ll add that one to the list.