There is a loss of XBee firmware.


I have a Zigbee network, working with the xbee S2 Pro. After some time there is a loss of XBee firmware and device stops transmitting data. Are you aware of this problem ?

What do the modules do besides stop communicating? If you read the modules in X-CTU what are their settings? When they fail can you still read them in X-CTU?

Nothing, the trouble is the stopping comunication.
I put the Xbee on X-CTU but I can’t read it. I can acess the bootloader. It’s not able to comunicate, “Unable to comunicate with modem” but if I write on it, other time, the Xbee admit and returns to comunicate.

Did you try different baud rates?
Is the module in AT mode or API mode?

Yes… I change the baud rate and stil doesn’t working.
The module is in API mode

While re flashing the firmware, check “Always Update Firmware” check box under Modem Configuration tab in X-CTU and see if the issue persists.