XBee module dead ?

I’ve some xbeexsc working perfectly. But i’ve other that are not detected by X-CTU. When i plug them, the “RSSI” led keep very bright (more than the ones which work). Reset module doesn’t work. Is there something to do or are they definitively dead ? Thanks.

Hi, i have the same problem. I don’t know to do.
I try to reset the module with conection the pin gnd with the pin reset but not works.
Help us.


I have a similar issue. I bought two XSC devices. One works fine in my board and is detected by X-CTU. The other one seems to be dead or badly configured in some way. When the unit is powered, the RX and TX lights blink on briefly every 400ms or so. I cannot get X-CTU to reflash the device. Resetting the module does not help at all. The board is not bad, because I can swap in the known working unit without any problems.

Digi, what do you need from us to debug this? This is blocking my project.

I’m having the same issue as well. It was working perfectly fine, then poof, the problem came out of nowhere.


There are some troubleshooting steps at the following document, http://www.jsjf.demon.co.uk/xbee/faq.pdf , refer Q11 and Q12.
If you have already gone through the steps, ask Digi guys to RMA the module.