XBee Digimesh SC2 modules from Digimesh 2.4 Dev Kit stopped responding

A while ago I have linked XBee 2SC modules installed on the dev kit boards.

Today I went back to basics and followed the IconXBee/XBee-PRO S2C DigiMesh 2.4 Getting Started Guide
this included resetting to factory defaults. The modules linked and could discover each other.

Although they appeared to work I could not type in the console and get them to send/receive text.

I started to edit the parameters but then for reasons unknown, I was blocked from editing. I got the popup screen saying to reset the boards, but that didn’t work.

The associate LED is flashing on two boards. The on-sleep LED is glowing on both boards.

I switched to a different PC, one that I have previously used to connect to the dev boards. All three modules failed to be detected. It is as if the 3 modules have died.

I checked the USB voltage on the PC. It is exactly 5VDC.

I don’t want to plug in any more modules until I find out what has happened to the 3 unresponsive ones.

Any suggestions?

What boards are you mounting the XBee modules into?

What happens if you use the Xbee recovery function in XCTU?

What is the exact firmware version you are working with?

The problem was very simple to fix. I had failed to enter the address of the receiving XBee when building a packet in API mode. Once I did that, everything worked.

My stupid mistake.