XBees stuck in some strange mode.

I bought a couple of second hand XBees (both regular and PROs) and I use a USB adapter to connect it to my computer and X-CTU.

Two of the PROs are marked with this info:


The problem is that I’m unable to ID them or read/write/restore settings/firmware. It not is possible to enter command mode (+++).

However, I do get some response in the terminal window at 38400 baud and 8N1. I have attached a picture from Terminal of X-CTU when I issue some “commands” to the one of the boards.

When I reset the board the following is sent to the terminal:
----- cut ------
MaxStream SMAC Test Code

SIP module
----- cut ------
If I type ‘V’ the response is this :“V1.0.2.1”

If I type ‘F’ the response is “E1” and the XBee stops responding to input until I reset it.

Are these XBee modules broken or stuck in some kind of bootloader? Is it possible to use the ‘F’ “command” to re-flash the firmware?

I have verified that that the USB adapter works fine with two other working XBees.

This issue have been discussed in another thread (http://forums.digi.com/support/forum/printthread_thread,920 ), but no solution was found AFAIK.

Best Regards,
Frode M.

I got the same kind of suffs too. Use the http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=3203&hit=XCTU%20displays%20the%20following%20error:%20Unable%20to%20communicate%20with%20modem
It works for those having bootloader. But for the one with MaxStream SMAC Test Code SIP module (no bootloader). I am looking for solution too. If somebody knows, how to do, I am interested in.

I am having the EXACT issue as you, I just sent a technical support ticket over to Digi, I hope they can resolve this.

My response from Digi was more or less, we can’t help you because you didn’t purchase from a certified re-seller. Some help they were.