Java Package

I am a C++ programmer (is that booing I can hear from the back) that has moved across to Java to implement this part of the project, so I am sorry if it is a really basic question.

I am writing an applet which is implemented in two files. I have put at the top of each file the line

package DMEMon;

Which when the applet is run locally works it fine. If however I copy it across to the ConnectME, the applet does not start, and the java console says that the class is not found.

I then combined the files into a jar file and still had the same problem.

I renamed the package to WEB because this seems to be the directory that it runs under on the ConnectME, but I still had the same problem.

I have tried modifying the CODEBASE label but still no joy.

What am I doing wrong?




While it is hard for me to say precisely what the problem is here, I will provide some general information.

First off, I am assuming that you are working with Digi’s Connect Integration kit, correct? This information will also apply to those working with the Development kit, however, there are some possible extra steps and such.

You have managed to spend several sleepless nights and you now have a Java applet that you wish to deploy.

  1. If your applet is comprised of more than one file it is often best to produce a Java ARchive (JAR) file. This is mostly for ease of usage and certainly not required.
  2. Create your HTML file, to start your applet. If you are simply delivering a single .class file you can add the following tag information to the body of your html file:

If you are delivering a JAR file the tag would look like so:

Of course, you will have to replace com.digi.connect with whatever your package name is. If your case your would use DCEMon.myApplet.class (where myApplet.class is the name of your applet’s primary class name). Likewise the name of your JAR file would be changed as appropriate, as well.

There are additional sub-tag elements that one can use along with , I have simplified my example by omitting them.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the reply, I think I have found the problem, I wasn’t putting the files in the correct directory structure.

Since I have changed it, it all seems to work fine.

Thanks again for the help