Load/replace an applet

Hello all,

I have a question concerning the Digi-ME.
So far, I am unable to overwrite an applet that I have already uploaded. Lets say I upload an applet. Later I change something in that applet and upload it again on the Digi-ME. When I run it, the applet I loaded first is executed, although I clear the cache of the browser.
Changes of the htm-file are shown as expected after clearing the cache, but not the changes in the applet.

Could you give me a short advise what I am doing wrong ?

(I tested with MS-Iexplorer and Firefox - no difference)



The most likely cause of this problem is that the JRE still posesses a cached copy of the original applet.

Assuming that you are working on a Windows Xp system go to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\cameronh\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\javapi\v1.0\jar and delete the .zip and .idx file respective to your applet. Re-launch your browser; now the newly updated applet should be downloaded and displayed.


Hello Cameron,

you are right assuming Windows-XP. I did what you said and deleted those files but with no result. The same applet remains.
It is just a simple hello-world application. I put version numbers in the htm-file and in the applet to verify which is changing. The htm-file does, but the applet not.

When I change the applets name, everything is ok. But of course I can not do this all the time working on my application.

Any other idea ?



thank you for replying so quick.
I did not follow your instructions entirely. Relaunching the browser did the trick.
Problem solved - thank you !



It is entirely possible that your JRE is using a different location for its cache.

Check to see if you have a Java icon in your Control Panel. Within this tool there should be a location where the Cache (or Temporary Files Settings) are defined. If this directory is different than the one I previously mentioned, go there and perform the same file deletion.

Another way to localize the problem and determine if it is related to the Connect module or your PC is to go to another PC, which has never been used to view you applet, and see if the correct version is displayed.

Assuming one replaces an existing applet with a new version, which as you stated has been done, the only other explanation for what is happening is browser/JRE cache.