Applet from WI-ME to ME

I work on a custom web page based on Applet built in the Digi Wi-Me

I would like to know if an applet working on Wi-Me is 100% compatible with ME?

I want to say, is there no change (or almost nothing) to do (is this same xml requests (except specific wifi options),…) to tranfer from a Wi-Me to a Me?
And is there the same schematic in order to establish a tcp connection with the Digi module?



Nobody is in this forum !?!

So,thanks for your helps

I apreciate…


If wish to guarantee a response from someone at Digi you should contact their support staff directly (phone, online support request, e-mail). As the opening page to this forum states, this is not the place to gain assistance from technical support.

Based on my experience, however, I believe the answer to your question is, ‘yes, sort of’. It does not look as if the applet code has been updated in quite a while so there is no support for configuring the wireless interface ans such. The applet itself should run, however.