I want to use the Wi-ME Module with a Microprocessor

The question is simple: I want to use the Digi Wi-Me module alone without using the development board. Just with a microprocessor. Is that possible??? or do i have to buy the dev. board to program the module in order to use it.

i want to use the module to transmit data from my computer to an external device (a MP3 player) through a Wi-fi net.

I would appreciate any help you can give.

You can do that, but make sure that you have a -S module so you can recover from errors. Since my development board died two weeks after I started to use it, I have been developing that way for a year now.

If you are going to do a one time only type of setup, maybe this is a little too fancy for that? Maybe just picking up a WiFi Access Point at a computer store would be cheaper and easier.


I am using my Digi connectME with an existing microprocessor board. We made a daughter board containing a UART, the connectme, connectors and a 3.3v regulator. The UART has a buss interface to the microprocessor.

Nothing too fancy.
I connected the Digi to a separate UART (a Exar XR16L2852), Digi TX pin 8 to UART RX and Digi RX pin 7 to UART TX.
For hardware flow control I connected Digi CTS pin 11 to UART RTS and Digi RTS pin 9 to UART CTS, but as it turned out I did not need flow control in my application, but it is there in case its ever needed. If the UART also uses a 3.3V supply then it should be no problem.