Java SSH applet failed to start


We got the problem that when we selected a connection under the menu of Serial port, Connection.

A java ssh applet windows is popup and the java applet class is being started. But it will be hung or frozen after “Applet de.mud.jta.Applet loaded” and NO login and password prompt window will be displayed! It also can sometimes make the web server stop responding and
I found that I can only solve this problem by rebooting the digi cm16 console server using SSH client.

Please note that there is no problem when using Putty SSH client to login these serial ports.

Please help!

Few questions:
–What rev of CM firmware are you running?
–Are you using http or https?
–What web browser and rev?
–What rev of java are you running?

  1. CM firmware 1.90 (latest)
  2. https
  3. Both IE and Firefox
  4. JRE 1.5.0_07 (since I found that I can’t start applet with JAVA 1.3.1)