kernel panic:VFS:Unable to mount root on 03:09

Hi everyone!! I tried to install new kernel 2.4.22 and i cant boot suse 8.2 with that new kernel installed. I did all that i should to get it compiled and no luck. I keep getting that Kernel Panic:VFS:Unable to mount root on 03:09. Now i’ve done a little reading and found out that “03:09” means that it cant mount root on hda9, and that’s exatcly where the root was (& still is in file safe mode). I’ve tried with all hda’s in menu.lst (for grub) and nothing exept on some hda’s (hda1 and hda6) but they are marked as ntfs read-only partittons in booting proces and for them comes message… failed to open (load) init i have AMD Athlon 1000 256Mb DDR IBM 40Gb Hdd with 4 ntfs partitions. …oh yes…when i was configuring kernel i did sellect ext2 and ext3 so its not that ) If you need more information, i will give you everithing just to learn how to solve that problem that’s been bothering me every time when i try to compile the kernel (because this is not the first time…i had that problem on suse 8.0 also, when i tried to compile 2.4.20 i got the same message) --then its got to be something with config and i don’t know what so if there is someone that could help or even try to help, i would be very greatfull

ext2 and ext3 are built-in

got the same problem here… we´r working on it… i guess it depends on the ata100 controller my hdd is connected to… if i find i solution i´ll tell ya.

Same problem with my 2.6.0, help!