Large Structures

Using a RCM4120 Module

how to use a large structure in my code ?

unsigned int MyData[32240] = {0x03,0x04…}

as you can see this is a large chunk of data.

Compiling give the error :

ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Must define at least one #rcodorg origin directive.

ERROR Rabbitbios.c : Out of root code space. Please refer to the Dynamic C User’s Manual for more information.

Anyone have a solution for this ?

Hello, In the Digi website at the below link, there is a technical note TN238, It will provide you the details regarding “how to use memory efficiently on the Rabbit modules”, please go through the document and make changes in your application.

There is also an article on the .org file that talks about the importance of interpreting ORG files for memory utilization.