We have been purchasing and building products with Rabbit components for several years. I use Dynamic C to develop the software for the Rabbit components in these products.

An IT professional in our company is now asking me to prove I have a right to possess my copy of Dynamic C.

Can someone point me to a document somwhere on that explicity states that buy purchasing Rabbit components we have a right to use Dynamic C?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

I was under the impression that a License of Dynamic C had to be purchased seperately to hardware (unless in a dev kit), listed as $200 in the rabbit store? Is this right or have I purchased my copy for no reason seing as I’ve purchased core modules etc?:confused:

Dynamic C is not free software available just by purchasing Rabbit hardware. You either need to buy a copy of Dyanamic C, or receive a copy as part of a Dev Kit. Either way you receive a license and key for the software. Are you sure you did not buy a Dev Kit early in your Rabbit usage?