login and password in telnet


Telnet does not require a login and password unlike ftp, is there a way to request a login and password when opening a telnet session?


If you set login password to your device, then telnet to the device, automatically it will ask for login password.

Thank you for the info I’ll try, but is there a way to paramettrer when creating the disk image with DIGI EL.


I changed the root password with the passwd command. But telnet still connect without asking for password!!!

Ftp the new password is taken into account

I found during the creation of telnet in inittab. I change:

:: sysinit :/bin/sh-l-c ‘/ usr/sbin/telnetd-l /bin/sh’
:: sysinit :/bin/sh-l-c ‘/usr/sbin/telnetd-l /bin/login’