telnet password validation

I have include the telnet server to allow changing of IP parameters on my ME device.
I noticed that when logging in from a pc or remote host the username is checked but the password is not.
I cannot find the source code to fix this problem.
Any suggestions?


 Could you give a little more detail about what you are doing. Here is why I ask. using ESp I just created the NET+OS telnet menu sample application. I built it, downloaded it and ran it. The combinations of user/password and digi/sysadm allowed me to get in. All other combinations of usernames with nonsense passwords rejected me. This included a valid user name and a blank (carriage return) password.

 Now I am running the V7.3 shipping CD with all Digi patches applied.

 So are you creating your application using Digi ESP, from the command line or from Green Hills?

 How are you adding telnet? Is this adding telnet server with other services?

 Can you try the telnet menu sample application and tell us what you find?



I am running Digi V7.1 with patches
This was built using Digi ESP
Telnet service is being included with the project and via a call to TSInitServer
I am also running SNMP and FTP

I will try the Telnet sample alone and see the results.


I just noticed that the V7.1 patches do not include the debug libraries. In addition, ESP, by default uses debug libraries. So the patches you applied do not effect ESP projects when running in debug mode.

You could try building for release and I spect that will work.

You also probably want to contact Digi to get the patched DEBUG libraries for V7.1 (especially the Telnet library).

I built the debug version of the Telnet menu example and it did not check the password after the login.
Then I built a release version and it works as you said.
So you are correct about the debug libraries.
Now my application which includes FTP and SNMP in addition to Telnet will not check the password for Telnet with debug or release.
So I will get in touch with Digi and get the libraries you suggested and rebuild the code.
There may be something else going on but I will get the libraies first and try that. Thanks

Well I got the zips from digi and extract them to the directories and verifed they were there but when I try to add them to the project build they are not in the list of libraies available. How do I make them visible to the project so I can add them???

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