Can you Telnet INTO a Digi One SP?

I’m trying to Telnet INTO a Digi One SP, but have read in a Knowledge Base article that you can’t Telnet in to the unit.

Am I interpreting it properly. I have software that wants to Telnet in to the serial connection and it’s appearing that this is not possible.

Could someone please advise?


This is indeed possible so long as the telnet/reverse telnet service is activated. This can be checked from the root prompt of the unit:

#> set secureaccess

telnet on
reversetelnet on

Details on connecting directly to the serial port using telnet can be found here:

According to

[i]The Digi One Single Port does not have a command shell to log into for testing validation.
The available options for verifying the unit is up and running on the network are:

  1. PING
  2. Reverse Telnet
  3. Using a browser to connect to the unit.[/i]

The kbase article you mentioned:
Console Management Configuration with PortServer TS/II and Digi One TS/RP Products

does not say Digi One SP. How do I get a root prompt on an SP?