Digi One SP with reverse telnet

I’m trying to get TCP profile with reverse telnet working but with no luck.

I can get the information from the device with realport driver I can not get it working with reverse telnet - Problem is that the connection is made but all i get from device is constant data flow with bytes: <02> <02> <02>

I’m using the same serial settings as with realport communication.

Any suggestions?
Is there any limitation for the device?
Can I test reverse telnet with some dummy solution to be sure my configuration is correct?

Digi One SP info: Version 82000774_U 11/09/2007

You may want to run the loopback test from the following knowledge base article:


You may also wish to verify that you do not have the port opened by any other application when you are trying to open the port with a reverse telnet connection.

Thanks for suggestions.

We finally managed to get the device working - still one flag was misconfigured. We found the difference by measuring the voltages on device pin’s with realport driver and with telnet.