Digi ESP for Python Couldn,initialize terminal console

Couldn,initialize terminal console
Error connecting
05 : SSH client error: Algorithm negotiation fail

I got Digi XBee Gateway – ZigBee (Formerly ConnectPort X2e ZB)
I can´t run samples. Any idea?

Probed in Windows 10 and windows 7


Have you tried updating the password used in the ESP for what is on the back of the gateway?

Digi Support

Hi jalbertopla

If you haven’t been able to resolve this issue then you may want to create a support ticket with us at tech.support @digi.com

Digi Technical support

Hi, Is this issue fixed ? I am facing same issue when running modules from Digi ESP.
It seemed IDE makes connection and transfers files , but whilst Ssh connection (in app console) , get the OP issue(Client negotiation).

It seemed while SSHing through putty it seems fine.