Looking for a Letter of Volatility for Digi ConnectPort TS 16 MEI and PortServer TS 1

Vision Engineering purchased the below Digi equipment and in order to fulfill contract requirements, we have to have Letter/Certificate of Volatility for each piece of equipment. Is this something you can assist in providing?

Digi ConnectPort TS 16 MEI ConnectPort (Serial to Ethernet server) M03210272
Digi PortServer TS 1 PortServer (Serial to Ethernet server) E00501729

Thank you.

This is something you really need to contact Digi Technical Support about by sending an email to tech.support@digi.com or creating a case at https://my.digi.com/sca-dev-2020-1/checkout.ssp?is=login&login=T&whence=&origin=customercenter#login-register

Thank you for the response and I have already done this with 0 success which is why I was hoping someone in the forum might be able to assist.

Have you still not received your Volatility letters? did the Digi support system create a case number for you? which case number? from which email address did you contact Digi support? or from the portal?
If you would like to hide your email here, just write to Tech.Support@digi.com
and make sure your SPAM filter is open for replies from the support system case*@*.email.netsuite.com