Repair of Portserver TS MEI 4 port. I seem to be unable to get any response from digi at all.

You need to contact support and give them the Sales Order# or the serial# this will determine if your product is still under warranty.
Below is the RA policy.

and warranty registration page;

Well I have done what you suggest. I am unable to get any response at all. I do know the unit will not be warranty. I would still like to get it repaired if possible.

The PortServer has a five year warranty. I’m not sure what the warranty status is on your unit but this is based on the serial number. You need to open a ticket with Digi and if you do not have a contract it could take up to 24 hours to get a response.

The portserver is likely 10 yrs old. I have sent the serial number and the part number in an email to support. It has been 2 wks. So no answer in 24 hrs. So maybe they wont repair if not on warranty?