Looking for librairies for RS485


I would like to communicate from a main board with my rabbit RCM4300 to a slave board with a PIC18F4550.

my configuration is the following:
rabitt RCM4300
Dynamic C Version 10.72
RS-485 Transceivers=SN65HVD1781

On my slave board, with an oscilloscope I check the different signal : TXD, RXD and Enable_RS485 and it’s working well. It’s easy because theres’s some automatic function witch manage the RS485.

With dynamic C and RCM4300 is there some drivers to manage the RS485?

Thanks a lot


For RS485 on the RCM4300, you will need to add a driver chip. Also there is not generic RS485 driver in DC 485, but you can probably modify the BLxSxx.lib

“This library offers functions to simplify the use of on-board ADC, DAC,
RS232 port(s), RS485 port and Rabbitnet ports.”