LVDS cable question


I need to connect a AM800480R3TMQWTA1H(7´´) to a PD10AI-N4200 motherboard.
So far, I haven’t found any cables that match the two connectors:

  • DF19-20S-1C on LCD side
  • ACES88441-40 on motherboard side

I’m now considering to order a custom LVDS cable but I don’t fully understand how the pinout should be…

Anyone has any idea?

Best regards,

None of the items you listed are Digi products. I can’t see how Digi can help you on this.

I apologize if the question was a bit random. I really don’t know where to go for help.
Thank you for your reply.

depending on your LVDS you want to connect to your Digi ConnectCore the cable will be custom specific for your display. You need to find a third party cable manufacturer doing it for you.

here some hints for the software firmware setup with Yocto: