Max distance between Zigbee

Hi. I’m trying to connect three nodes (1 coordinator and 2 routers). Before, I communicated all of them by sending Transmit request with success outcome, as well as transmiting At commands (three nodes were near by each other so the joining to the network was automatically). However, my new case is communicating Router 2 (R2) to my Coordinator through Router 1 (R1). Consequently, I put my coordinator in a room and my router in the living room and they connect without any issue, but when I power up the R2, which is in the other side of my apartment, it doesn’t join to the network (assoc led doesn’t blink) so my question is, what is the range of these devices? I have Zigbee mesh kit (Xbee S2D)


The Digi XBee S2D module should be able to communicate at up to 200ft. If they are not reaching, you may have metal in the way or other interference. Try using a different channel first, make sure the antenna is properly connected. If there is metal in between, you may need to add another router or move the other router to a different location.

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Well, the antenna is integrated in the PCB, I don’t know if that affect the performance of the device, regarding the range of the communication. Perhaps as the walls are made of concrete, it affects drastically de communication. I was be able to stablish the communication but moving the last router to other location, since I made other experiment by putting the coordinator in the same location of R1 and R2 wasn’t be able to connect to the network


Yes, concrete walls would reduce the range as well so adjusting the location of the router would help. Depending on how thick the walls are, you might have the put a router on each side of the wall. (walls being about 1ft to 2ft thick).

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