Maximum Serial Rate?

I am interested in this product, but was curious: without flow control enabled, how fast can the serial connection continuously send data to the wi-sp, and not have any data lost? I am currious because I current have a wi-fly and it can’t keep up with the serial connection unless I turn the baud rate way down. It fills up the buffer and data is lost. So can it handle the maximum rate (230,400 bps) without flow control?

I think that’s hard to define - both have quite a bit of memory so I’d expect several K of data ‘backup’ in front of the TCP socket to occur before they start dropping data.

One alternative - both the current Sp and WiSP support Python, which means you could create a small program to collect and buffer several mega-byte of data internal to the product. So you have 1 loop collecting serial data, and a second one trying to send chucks out TCP.