MCSendMail with attachments

What do i need to be able to successfully send emails with attachments? I tried using your mailapi\mailtest.c examples application, but only one of the two emails in the attachment example gets sent. It looks like I need to call RpHSStartServer(), is this true? What files/libraries do i need to link in? When i use the wait option with MCSendMail, no email is sent. The callbacks are never called. Do you have any ideas?


What version of NET+OS are you working with. The mention of callbacks indicate to me that you are using v6.3, is this correct?

Have you looked at the mailApi example? As I have recently worked with this example I can confirm that it is able to send its mail message, with attachments.

The key to the file attachment callback being called is it must be registered, i.e. teh functions NARegisterSend and NARegisterSend_File. So long as a callback is registered using NARegisterSend_File, the specified callback will be called any time MCSendMail is called, whether or not an attachment is suppose to be sent.

Does the provided mailApi example also have a problem? I have just modified this example, appropriately for my pop/smtp server and had no problems sending myself a number of messages. I also experienced no problems after modifying the MCSendMail function so as to wait.

No, it is not necessary to start the web server, in order to make use of mail services.

If you continue to experience problems I would suggest that you contact support directly either via phone, at (952) 912-3456, or mail, via the on-lin support request form found at