Memory footprint of NET+OS

Could anyone tell me what the footprint of NET+OS is (all inclusive)? If I would like to design an application without the integrated file system, SSL, TCP/IP, etc; is it fairly easy to exclude these parts from NET+OS?

If you search the forum about this you will find some information about the size. NetOS is extremely nonmodular. Even if you, in the configurationfile, say that you will not use the dialog, serial drivers etc the code is not removed. They use If, instead of #ifdef. In order to reduce my Netos6.0 i have had to insert my own #ifdef all over, dummy routines, and remove a bunch of files from the makefile and I think i reduced the size with about 200KB that way, but I only reduced the largest ones that I did not use. I think you could remove quite much more, but they did not make it easy. If you find a good solution when it comes to make it much smaller, please let be know ;-). Lycka till!