Memory location view in Dynamic C for RCM6750.

Hi guys,

May I ask is there anyway we are able to view the data in a specific location in the memory of RCM6750 especially the RAM?

Someone suggest me to view the .org files after compilation but it only stated the memory range and used range for a specific type of memory.

It will be very helpful if I can view the data which stored in a specific RAM location ie. 0x80000 from the Dynamic C during debugging. Is there a way?

Unfortunately the DC IDE does not have a memory dump window to allow looking at arbitrary locations in a nice hex dump fashion.

The only thing you can do for examining arbitrary memory like that is using the watch window to enter expressions like:

*(long *)0x4000 which would display the contents of a root memory location as a 32 bit value location or *(long far *)0x80000 to display a far memory location.

*(char *)0x4000 and *(short *)0x4000 for 8 and 16 bit.

You can also use casting to structures:

((struct io_point_config *)0x4000 displays the root memory at 0x4000 as an io_point_config structure so you can examine the contents broken down into detail.

You can probably get even more creative but at least this gives you something to work with.


You can use the Inspect - Dump at Address option to dump memory. See details in the DC 10 user manual.

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D’oh! I think I’ve been staring at DC for so long that I’ve forgotten about the bits I don’t automatically use!