Menu on TS16 used as console server, can you prompt for port/session to reconnect to?

I am using a PortServer TS16 Rack. I am using it as a console server. I have created a menu that will be presented to ssh users and has an entry to connect to each port. How can I add a choice that prompts the user to enter a port to reconnect to after having disconnected (but not killing) the session?

ACME Console Server
1 - Cisco switch {connect 1}
2 - Cisco router {connect 2}
3 - port 3
4 - port 4
16 - Show sessions {status}
17 - reconnect to last session {reconnect}
18 - “Enter port to reconnect to!”

Question: What can I use for entry 18? How to issue the reconnect command with the port specified by the user?