Using TS16 in console management. Pb with command connect <portx>

After configuring the port server TS16, I have a strange behaviour with an AIX server.
First, I connect using a telnet session (Server connected on port number1.
Command: telnet ipaddr 2001
Everything is working fine even the utility “smit”
Second, I log on the TS16 with a telnet
command: telnet ipaddr
When connected on the TS16, I issue the command “connect 1” to connect to port 1. At this time, not everything is working fine: When launching the utility “smit”, the display is Ok but it is impossible to use the menus or the escape sequences. Function key F1, F2 ,F3,…are not working.
Any idea, welcome


The guidance in these articles from our Knowledge Base should resolve the problem for you:


This solve my problem!!
Thank you very much

You’re welcome :slight_smile: