TS16 Rack - SSH Configuration access


The marketing literature for the TS16 indicated support for SSH.
I can connect to the console of the terminal server but I can find nothing in the user’s guide for how you then use SSH to establish connections to the ports on the terminal server.

I tried using “base port+500+N°Port” but nothing appears.

Suggestions, instructions, or examples of establishing a secure connection to the ports by any means would be greatly appreciated.

I would be just as happy opening SSL or HTTPS socket connections to the ports. Il you can help me. Actually, we are using telnet (and ssh for the console admin access) but I want to secure access to the ports too.

I have a TS16 Rack server (upgraded POST and EOS firmware to the last release).

Thanks for your answers.

There is an issue with newer ssh clients not working, which is fixed in 82000684_V1 firmware: