SSH Client on TS 8

I have been tasked with getting our in bound and outbound modem traffic to be ssh tunneled instead of telnet. I have upgraded the firmware and post code on our portserver ts 8s to the latest available from digi:
Post: 82000685_G
EOS: 82000684_U1

But I am unable to create an ssh session from the port server to the destination server. The portserver seems to be trying to connect a telnet session on port 22 instead of port 23. I get the following during testing:

Connected to

and the sessions hangs here indefinitely. (similar to what happens if you try to telnet to port 22 on a machine running an ssh server on port 22)

Has anyone else been able to configure the Digi portserver ts 8 to perform in this manner? (SSH client connection from portserver)


The TS 8 only has an SSH server and not client.