PS TS 8 - ssh setup thur web interface

I am trying to configure a ssh connection thru the web interface. I have loaded the public key for the user.

I believe my problem is that the service options are only “default|raw|telnet|rlogin”. As far as I can determine, default is telnet.

If I leave the service as telnet for both the terminal and the user, I never connect.

If I leave the service as telnet, but change the port for the user to 22, I get this message “Connected to 192.168.x.x SSh-1.99-OpneSSH-3.9pl”. I show there is an “accepted” connection process on the server, but no login.

If I change the user to raw and leave terminal at 23, no difference, if I change the terminal to 22, no difference.

What am I doing wrong?

What profile are you selecting for the port?

What are you wanting to do? SSH to the TS or a port on the TS?

Or are you wanting to SSH from the TS (not supported because the TS only supports SSH server)?

Well, you answered my question.

Yes, I was wanting to ssh to my linux box. I would prefer not to open up the telnet port. Sigh…

Sorry, again we do not support ssh client, only server.