Configure SSH connection to serial ports

We have several Port Server TS (8 & 16 ports models) and want to configure the remote shell connection for serial ports.
When we tried to connect to a port with ssh conection (port 70xx) it required loggin to the digi, this is not hapenning with telnet connection (port 65xx) where i can connect to the serial device without logging in the Port Server.

Can I configure the Port Server to connect to the port remotly with SSH connection without loggin to the Port Sever??

Device information:

           Model: 	PortServer TS 8
    Firmware:   Version 82000684_U1 11/29/2007
        POST: 	82000685_G 02/02/2006

To use SSH without a password, you will want to create a (dsa) public key for a user (other than root). Then create the user on the PortServer unit and paste the generated key under the “Advanced” options for the user.

Thanks for the answer.
The problem is that I want to connect directly to the port like with Telnet conection where is not necessary loggin with an user.
It can be done?

As far as I’m aware, an username is required.

Using Linux you can ssh to the port without providing an username, so long as you are logged into Linux host with the same username configured on the PortServer (it simply passes the username).

Other than that, most SSH clients have the ability to save the username to be passed automatically.

I have configure a Digi PassportTM 32 with SSH conection and i enter to the serial port directly. I want to do the same with the Port Server Ts 8.
Please take a look to this configurations