Do you have an example for configuring a PortServer TS unit for SSH access?

Do you have any documentation on setting up a PortServer TS unit using SSH?

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You will need to create an SSH key on another system/SSH client software. Once the key is generated, it would be easiest to cut and paste the key into the user’s SSH key location via the PortServer’s Web UI. The tftp method can also be used to upload the SSH key however, pasting it into the Web configuration is easiest.

Once the SSH key is pasted in the PortServer user entry, you can connect using your SSH client software.

How does one do this for the root user?

There is no special configuration needed for a root user, which will always have to use password authentication and does not get a key assigned.

When you ssh to the unit as root (an example from Linux: ssh -t, you will be asked if you would like to continue and will then be prompted for the root password.