Port Server 8 and CM differences


I have already read a lot of PDF manual of the digi products, but there are some points I still don’t understand.

I am looking for a serial console terminal server and I have a great opportunity to get a Port Server 8 (on the box it is not Port Server TS 8) but i have w few questions:

  • it seems i can use a PortServer TS 8 to acces by telnet or ssh my SUN serial console, am I right ?
  • is the PortServer 8 different from the PortServer TS 8 ?
  • if I configure the PortServer for serial console access to my SUN, how can I send a break during a SSH session ? During a telnet session ?

Thanks a lot for any help

Yes, the PortServer TS 8 will allow you to connect to the ports using telnet and SSH.

Yes, the PortServer TS 8 is different from the PortServer 8. The PortServer 8 is an obsolete product and does not offer any encryption (SSH/SSL), whereas the PortServer TS8 does.

The PortServer TS 8 has an SSH break setting that is configurable. To send a break from a telnet session:

telnet> send brk

Thanks a lot.

Now I understand a little bit more.

Last question, does the PortServer 8 (not TS) can also allow me to connect to my sun serial console with telnet ?

Yes it does.

Here is a nice article on configuring the PortServer for console management using reverse telnet:


Thanks a lot ! This article is very nice and i have found other good articles as well.