PortServer TS vs a PC on COM1.

I have a problem with an equipment when I try to connect to its serial console using PortServer TS 16Port:

  1. I first use a PC and HyperTerminal connected on COM1 to check that the serial parameters of my box are correct: speed 57600,flow-none,no parity,8 bits,1stop-bit,Terminal type VT52. The console works just fine.

  2. Then I connect Port Server using Console Management profile, with Basic Serial settings on the same parameters.

  3. I connect using HyperTerminal but on TCP/IP sock this time telnetting port 2001. All I get is garbage. I also look into the serial management on the Terminal Server log buffer and I see the same garbage.

  4. My serial console is meant to throw characters for a VT52 “monitor” window continously.

Where is the difference between the PC on COM1 and Hyperterminal and PortServer??? Why do I see the garbage?

The UARTs are most definitely different. As for why you’re seeing garbage, this may have to do with the term type or maybe the settings are changing for some reason. Best way to find out why would be to open a ticket with Digi Support.