Portserver TS8 - Cannot connect to Server - timed out

I have a client that is connected via a VPN and the
Portserver TS8 is at the remote location. They log in during the day, and if they log out - it will not allow
the ports to give them the getty login again.
Even if they reset the portserver - no such luck. They physically have to reboot the Unix server at the main

Realport is being used, all ports are first set to factory default. boot action=eewrite, then the following items are set to v220, 9600,
XON/Xoff, 1 Stop bit, no parity, auto = off,
and most other factory defaults. dhcp=off, tcpip keepalive_action=on, device=prn, save=on. there is a gateway address, submas =

I have about 15 customers using these items, int he ts4 mode, and none are having the problem. This is the only customer that has the ts8.

I can connect to the port when they are having the problem, they can even see everything I am typing when I am connected, but when the port is re-enabled, they
never get the login and can not continue.

I have doubled checked all the connections, wiring, etc.
What is really strange, 2 of the ports are working fine,
2 are having this problem. Tried plugging the 2 terminsls
having the problem into the 2 ports that work, and then they work, so I am really confused. I think this must be a defective portserver.

What UNIX operating system version is this location running?