Problem connection Portserver TS 8 MEI with Switch


We are currently trying to communicate with Portserver and a smartLION switch (HIRSCHMANN). It don’t work, when we ping it, we have more than 80% lost and so we can’t enter on web page or any other congiguration and visualization with DIGI Device Discovery.

When portserver is connected directly witha pc, everything is good, access to web page and configuration. Ping is ok.
If we connect portserver with gigaLION (HIRSCHMANN) everything is ok.

this 2 switch seem to have same configuration.

could any body help us?


I don’t think there is much we can do to help you with this. The problem seems to be the switch or its configuration.
You might try different ports on the switch or try configuring the port to have higher priority throughput.
Possibly factory defaulting the switch would correct the problem. Probably consulting the switch manufacturer is the best option.

I have the exact same problem with a PortServer TS 8 MEI that we bought. Did anyone find an answer for this? We are using Cisco switches and the OS is Win 2003 server. When I use my laptop (WinXP) and a hub, I can ping without problem, access the device web page etc.

In some cases I have seen the need to “lock in” the Ethernet settings (i.e. 10 Mbps/Half Duplex) rather than use “auto”.

Also, confirm the cabling is straight through. If it’s working connected directly to a network adapter in a PC, it is likely a crossover Ethernet cable.