portserver ts 8 reboots every couple days on its own

We are using a portserver ts 8 to communicate with some rs232 based bar code scanners. We connect to the port via the Linux realport software. Our device has been rebooting every couple of days. We checked for a power problem but it is clean. After multiple reboots the realport software disconnects and has to be reset. (stop,init,start functions). We even replaced the device and the new one is rebooting. I plugged the old one in at my desk and it reboots here as well. What is going on?

I had this happen recently. Turned out to be a bad NIC on another LAN attached device. Once I removed the “chatty” device from the network, the PortServer TS stabilized.

You might want to check the network statistics for errors from the command line (root prompt):

#> info ip
#> info ethernet