Digi PortSever TS16 automatically reboot regularly, exact from 48.54 days.

We are using 02 Digi PortSever TS16. They (both) automatically reboot regularly, exact from 48.54 days. Anybody get this abnormal behavior before?

This sounds like a known issue fixed in the firmware. Please be sure you have the latest firmware applied:


Thanks a lot I found it

2005-09-16: 82000684_R
- Added SSL/TLS autoconnect service support.
- Added SNTP support for setting the system clock.
- Extended DHCP to pass the hostname (via option 12) as a hint to
DHCP server when requesting IP address.
- Added authentication support to RealPort.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed problem where the device rebooted after 50 days.
- Fixed several PPP authentication problems. In particular a
problem was fixed where in some cases CHAP authentication did not
work correctly when authenticating in both directions.
- Fixed a PPP problem where receiving particular LCP option