Port Server 16 restarts seem to lock up windows server

I have several TS 16s connected via a cisco switch to a dedicated nic on a windows server. The terminal server experienced problems and began to enter into a reboot cycle. It restarted continuously(according to syslog messages from the termial server and the switch it was connected to) for about an hour and then the windows server became non-responsive. Has anybody seen a windows server respond this way to a TS failure?


It sounds like a power issue to me.

Check the AC supply and if that is good, it is likely the internal power supply of the TS16 has gone bad.

To verify, disconnect all cables except the AC cord and then power cycle the TS16. If it still reboots itself, it needs to be repaired.

You can open an online support request here, if you like:

As for the Windows Server becoming unresponsive, you may have older RealPort drivers installed.

Thanks. I have sent the device back to DIGI for inspection/repair. As far as the driver goes, I’m using Version 4.2.360.0. I notice in the release notes that Version 4.4.365.0 includes the following: “Fix intermittent system hang on recovery from network error.”

Do you happen to have a more complete description of what problem this is fixing?

I’m in a position where my software vendor doesn’t currently support the new driver, but If I can be pretty sure that it will fix the hang-up issue the I experienced, then I can probably get them to certify the driver with their application.

Thanks again for your help.

I do not have a better decription of the fix.
Maybe you could try the new driver and see if issue is resolved and then ask the software vendor to certify it?
You can always revert to the older supported driver once you verify the fix.