Port Server TS4

We are seeing multiple occurrences on various units every day.

It appears that one or more of the ports on the TS4 either gets hung, or goes to ‘sleep’ and the communications between the device attached to the board and the PC is interrupted and fails. In order to recover, it is necessary to have someone disable all of the ports on the board and then re-enable them. This usually corrects the problem. The issue is getting critical though, with the problem happening a number of times a day on various units.

We are wondering if there might be some software patch or firmware upgrade that can be applied to resolve the problem?

Thanks for your Help

This could potentially be a flow control issue. Do you run Realport on the PC for that TS4, or how are you using the serial ports on it? If running Realport, how is flow control set for the tty/comm device on the PC? What is connected to the TS4’s serial ports and what flow control, baud rate, parity does it have set?