PortServer II 16

We have several rack mount PortServer II 16’s that handle a busy load of incoming point of sale calls. We network monitor the units via a ping command. Occaisionally (every couple months) one stops responding to any request (ping,http,telnet) and requires a power cycle. Now we have one that was accidentally powered off, and since that time has stopped responding 4 times in last 2 days. What causes this and what do you think is wrong with this particular unit?

Model: PortServer
Type: TS 16 Rack
Firmware version: Version 82000684_F 12/05/2002

Sorry, obviously that’s a PortServer TS and not a II.

First thing I’d recommend is updating it to the current firmware revision J. Here’s a link to the page where you can get that firmware:


Note there’s two types of firmware for the TS16, depending on the age of your product. You’ll need to check the part number and revision to determine whether you should use the 684 or 854 version of firmware, since the branch was split a few revisions back.