Mesh Network Configuration

Hi I am trying to establish a network between an End Device(A) and a Coordinator(D) through 2 Routers(B,C) .
The End Device sends data to the coordinator through a router .The reason i’m using a router is to achieve larger range.


I have set the destination address of the End Device(A) as well as the Routers(B,C) to 0x0 and the coordinator(D) to 0xFFFF.
Now in case one router(say b) fails , i want the connection to remain active(self heal) through the other router ( C ).
With the mentioned configuration will the network work as desired or should i make any modifications?

Thank You

What you are describing is the radios default settings which will allow for the network to self heal of router 2 is moved out of range of the coordinator and router 3 is brought in range of the coordinator and router 2.