Ask : Mesh Network Xbee Pro S2B

Hi, I’m new member of this forum… and I’m beginner…
I use Xbee Pro S2B for mesh network
The 2 characteristics I want activate are :
•Mesh networks are “self configuring;” the network automatically incorporates a new node into the existing structure without needing any adjustments by a network administrator.
•Mesh networks are “self healing,” since the network automatically finds the fastest and most reliable paths to send data, even if nodes are blocked or lose their signal.
So anyone could explain to me how to send data to two Xbee ??

how to make :
node A can send data to node B and node D ?


There are only two types of addressing in digimesh, Unicast and Broadcast addressing.
If you want to send data from A to B and D (multicasting) is not possible i guess.
Either you can send data from A to B and then from B to D.
This is just a suggestion.
I’m hoping others to answer this question