hi,I happened to read the sample NAMIB program. In this u have a fn called to set the LED value.(int greenLedOnWrite (int actionCode, struct varBind *info). please make the modification on the function given below that will help me to get the value of the LED not frin the MIB. But from the LED itself (suppose the LED is ON,(by some external sources) but the value in MIB is “0”. //MIBMAN GENERATED Fn. void *greenLedOnRead (struct variable *vp, oid *name, int *length, int isGet, int *varLen, setMethod *setVar) { manVarType *manInfo = snmpGetVariableInfo(vp); static INT32 result; void *resultBuffer; if (!scalar_handler(vp, name, length, isGet, varLen)) { return NULL; } resultBuffer = snmpReadObject(vp, varLen, &result); *setVar = (setMethod) vp->writeFn; return resultBuffer; } thanking you in advance. ajil