How to test SNMP User Defined MIB Sample Example?


I’m trying to run this example, using software program for windows like SNMPtest, Paessler SNMP Tester and MIBBrowser I certified that the firmware is runnig.

But I don’t know how to send packets through SNMP to turn on/off the green/yellow leds.


I have only used MG-Soft, IReasoning and NETSnmp thus I have no knowledge of the other tools to which you referred.

 For the GUI-based tools such as MG-Soft, on the main page in the upper left, there is a place for inputting the ip address of the device to which you want to communicate.

In addition, both have a method for setting what version of SNMP (1, 2c, 3) you want to use when so communicating. In the case of v1 & 2 you must enter the community name that you set up when you wrote your application. In the case of V3, a username and password are needed. There could be as many as two passwords, one for authorization and one for privacy.

NETsnmp has its own methods for doing all this stuff. In the case of NETsnmp, it is all performed through the command line.